New Hampshire Grade A Golden - Formally Light Amber

Golden has a light golden color and a very subtle maple flavor. This flavor is usually produced from the first sap runs of the sugaring season. Because of it's delicate flavor it is great for making maple candy and maple cream. It is also delicious on vanilla ice cream.


New Hampshire Grade A Amber - Formally Medium Amber 

Amber has a deep golden color and a more pronounced maple flavor. Usually produced mid-season, this syrup is very popular for all around use and is a good choice for gift giving.


New Hampshire Grade A Dark

Grade A Dark has a dark golden color and a rich, full maple flavor. As the sugaring season progresses the syrup becomes darker in color and develops a more robust flavor. If you like a full maple flavor then dark amber is for you.


New Hampshire Grade A Very Dark - Formally Grade B

Often called cooking syrup, Very Dark is the darkest grade of syrup with the strongest taste. Produced at the end of the season it develops a "smoky" flavor. Because of it's stronger flavor it is most often used for cooking and flavoring although many people still prefer it as a table grade syrup.





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